about all killer // no filler

Hi! I’m Alyssa and I am obsessed with eating and making good food. And although I can overshare with the best of ’em, I wanted to assemble a collection of recipes sans the unnecessary backstory.

If you’re thinking “Oh god, another food blog? In this economy?” then I am one hundred percent with you, brother. Admittedly, I only ever directly follow a recipe if I’m baking something new for the first time. And on the rare occasion I do want to look up a recipe, you know what I can’t fucking stand? The essays upon essays that precede the actual list of ingredients I want to look at. Some of these food blogs might as well be behind a pay-wall with the amount of effort it takes to even find the recipe at the bottom of the page.

If you’re tired of scrolling, you’ve come to the right place. Everything posted on this site will be “all killer, no filler”; whole foods-based recipes without the never-ending story of how it came to be. Don’t worry about losing your spot on the page mid-preparation, we’re giving you just what you need to make what you see in the picture. Because seriously, no one cares about how much your family loves your version of this meal, no matter how cute your kids are. Here, the droning blog posts will be kept tucked away so that you only have to see them if you feel like killing some time reading my rants and raves.

I’m also *so over* the fake-healthy click bait I see every day on instagram. I’ll never claim anything as “healthy” here, because health is entirely subjective for most of us. Through much trial and error, I’ve determined what I feel good eating, so those are the recipes I choose to share. I’ll include the macro-nutritional information– to the best of my ability– in each post and you can decide if it’s healthy for you or not. I promise you those cookies aren’t objectively healthy just because you used whole wheat flour or subbed the butter for coconut oil, so really, why pretend.

I’m not here to preach or tell you why the recipes I share are any better than the hundreds of other recipes out there. I just want to share my love of fresh ingredients and the combinations in which I put them together on any given day. The food I like to make is no bullshit, and I try not to buy any single-use ingredients that will inevitably rot in the back of my fridge/pantry. So enjoy this ongoing collection of new recipes I make each week, which I hope will at the very least give you a little inspiration for the age old question, “what’s for dinner?”


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