Good For You

Oh, you’re strictly vegan because you “care about animals” and are “concerned with the environmental impact of factory farming”? Good for you. You don’t eat carbs during the week because they make you feel sluggish? Good for you. You like to pretend you’re a body builder and eat 200g of protein a day? Good for you.

Personally, I get bored as fuck trying to follow one particular diet all the time, not to mention the fact that my needs are constantly changing. Structure can be nice if I have a specific goal I’m trying to reach, but for my general eating needs I like to switch things up. If I’m hitting the gym 6 days a week I might be a little more focused on hitting my macros (don’t get me started on macros). If I’m busy and stressed out I want simple, clean food that I know is good for me—I’ll take meal prepping for $1,000 Alex (rip). And sometimes I need to eat a bucket of ice cream, sue me.

But eating food that’s good for you can be so damn hard! Simply put, there are a lot of food-like products lining the shelves of grocery stores that are not good for you. In fact many are straight up bad for you. Read any book by Michael Pollan and you’ll see what I mean. So unfortunately– for anyone who doesn’t love cooking as much as I do– it can be a hassle to find a balance between convenience and health every day. And yet, we’ve all gotta eat. Every day. Multiple times a day. And you deserve food that tastes good. Unless you’re a real asshole in which case I hope your wife serves you dog food for dinner.

This is all leading up to the point of why I’m starting this curation of recipes even though there are a million food blogs, cooking channels, and celebrity chef shows. Good food should be accessible and I shouldn’t have to read a story about how you tried this recipe 7 times and you finally figured out the trick. No, I don’t want to see pictures of your family, just give me the god damn recipe. Better yet give me the bullet points about how this fits into the diet I’m following this week. Show me those calories per serving, baby. So here I’ll keep the blogging separate, a companion piece to what we really care about: food and whether or not it’s good for you according to this week’s science.

this blog post’s food for thought: how do you feel about turmeric? what effect does protein intake have on your energy level? are you afraid of gluten or do you have naturally beautiful skin? kombucha for improved digestion—hate it or love it? can someone tell me what vitamins and supplements i should be taking? caffeine vs. creatine: i know nothing about this but i occasionally chug a bang when i need to be an energized little monkey, is that healthy? why am i covered in bruises? Alright, happy eating.


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