Lemon & Buttermilk Pie Bars

If you have a weird amount of leftover buttermilk sitting in your fridge because you needed it for some recipe, make these things! or let this be the recipe leaving you with the leftover curdled carton of milk, whatever! ingredients: for shortbread crust: 2 cups/240 grams all-purpose flour (if so inclined you can sub 20ish Grams … Continue reading Lemon & Buttermilk Pie Bars


Almond Butter Cup Cookies

you know when you eat a cookie and you want to eat 12 more to feel fully satisfied? okay yeah these are not that type of cookie. eat one and feel all your worries melt away as the borderline illicit swirl of dark chocolate and almond butter intoxicates your senses. they're enough to make you wax poetic, too

Orange Daiquiri

hemingway popularized the addition of grapefruit to the classic summer cocktail, but i stand by the lime & orange variation here. something about drinking a daiquiri on a hot summer day really transports you to Florida circa 1950. add or subtract sugar based on personal preference!

Antipasto Bruschette

not to be all "italian" but bruschetta (brew-SKET-ta) actually refers to the char of the bread, which then gets smothered in olive oil and topped with any number of salty bits. here are a few options for how to properly serve this classic appetizer

Summer Fruit Torte

i can't imagine this recipe would be any less delicious using apricots or plums-- hell, try it with cherries or pears and let me know how it goes. completely basic cake is transformed by in-season fruit and a splash of both vanilla and almond extracts to make a very special breakfast or dessert that will make your mom say "it's okay," which is passive-aggressive for outstanding